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The Engaged Hiring Process is an easy-to-read, 45-page guide to hiring in a small business, written by Zane Safrit, an experienced CEO.

The Engaged Hiring Process is a short guide for small business hiring.

The book advocates a “low risk, high engagement” hiring process. This means involving your team and other stakeholders of a small business in the process. By doing so, the author argues, you reduce the risk of making an unsuccessful hire. You increase commitment by other team members. “Many eyes and ears make blind spots and biases disappear,” Safrit says.

The book covers writing a job description; recruiting; interviewing; and onboarding your new hire. The Engaged Hiring Process is an easy-to-read conversational and strategic approach to hiring.

Safrit, the author, is a former CEO of a conference calling service provider. He says he perfected the simple hiring process described in the book, and used it to great success to make excellent new hires. As a result, the company grew revenues and sustained positive cash flow.

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