Employee Engagement: 10 Ways to Jumpstart It

This PDF ebook contains 20 pages of practical ways to encourage employees to be more engaged in their work!

Employee engagement is a two-way street, where caring and respect and listening and accountability go back and forth between all employees, regardless of title. There is no "us versus them."

Engaged employees raise their hands in meetings, offer ideas and sometimes complaints but always towards finding a better solution. They’re sometimes outliers, rule breakers and misfits. They’re dreamers and goal-setters. They’re restless, impatient often.

Recognized and empowered, they are the most productive, enthusiastic, excited people to work with every day. They are passionate, committed, engaged. They’re accountable. And they hold each other accountable. There’s lots of laughing.  

Would you like to have employees like these?  This ebook gets you started.

Written by Zane Safrit, an experienced CEO of a technology company.

Provider:  ZaneSafrit.com

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