View Recorded webinar: ROBOT Model - Create An Advertising That Actually Converts & Download Resources


By: Meylah Blog

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View Recorded webinar: ROBOT Model - Create An Advertising That Actually Converts & Download Resources


By: Meylah Blog

View the Meylah's recorded webinar and also receive FREE digital files that can help you launch your holiday campaign easily!


What a great turn out!

We had a wonderful webinar on Aug22nd with over 150 people attending across the world.

Go ahead! Download the presentation, free digital files for creating advertising and access Meylah services that can help you launch your holiday campaigns easily.

This webinar was designed to help you learn an effective way to create a digital ad that actually converts into clicks or sales.

In this webinar, you'll learn: 
1. About creative strategy in advertising and branding
2. How to design effective digital ad 
3. About best practices for engaging online with your audiences
4. Tools such as Powerpoint, Pic Monkey, Picasa and/or Photoshop that you can use for creating digital ads 

Here is the link to recorded webinars:


Tools we shared during the webinar:

Here are the testimonials shared during our recording. Thanks to all the participants who joined!

  • It's lovely to have free resources available to us small business folks.

  • Yes, we are all in this together!

  • Yes we are, and it's better to all work together and help each other out. At least that has been my experience

  • Thanks for going through the pros and cons of the various services! Very helpful

  • I love all of the information you have put out there

  • Meylah is the best kept secret to selling online

  • Meylah, You guys seem to have this all together and I so appreciate the help

  • Thanks! I learned new things today that will be helpful.


Don't forget to download the presentation and free resources to help you plan your holiday campaigns.

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to

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This product is offered by

Meylah Blog

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