[DOWNLOAD] 6 Most Common Mistakes that Kill Your Business Online


By: Meylah Blog

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[DOWNLOAD] 6 Most Common Mistakes that Kill Your Business Online


By: Meylah Blog

6 Most Common Mistakes that Kill Your Business Online


As an online business owner, you work hard every day to survive in the competitive digital market. You will also follow a good business model and create marketing plans to grow your business. But are you still failing? Are you struggling to find your right audience? What is it that you need to learn and unlearn? Are you digitally well-connected with your customers?

There are 6 common mistakes that you could be committing and they could potentially kill your business online.

1. Not maintaining a customer database

If you don’t bother to maintain a customer database, you not only lose out on potential customers but also fail to lend a personal touch to your existing clients. For example, you may have interested customers taking the time to browse your site, but once they leave, that’s it. There’s no follow-up. One of the best ways to keep your customers engaged is capturing their database like email addresses and mobile numbers (if provided) and sending them regular updates about your store and fabulous discounts/offers you may have. Keep track of your ‘return customers’ who are good indicators of the service that you provide for your business.

 2. Not being able to get customer leads via social media

If you are not having an online presence and connecting with customers through social media network, any slapdash efforts at increasing the visibility of your site will not have any substantial benefits. Expand your business network on platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus by sharing your products, promoting offers or engaging audiences with product tutorials. A strong SEO package and having unique title tags for your text also helps in customer leads.

3. Not generating leads

A major issues faced by online businesses today is unable to generate enough leads. If you are not considering unique ways to generate leads, you might reach a point where business expansion becomes difficult. Various ways through which you can generate leads are social media networking, extracting email and having permission to contact them, using referrals, spreading the word in local community, sharing product videos and tutorials on social media and so on.

4. Not being able to launch an e-commerce store

If you are still relying on phone to connect with customers or have a website for business purposes but not an e-commerce store, you are not meeting most of your potential customers. You need a bigger space.  Your customers need a marketplace to view your products, choose the ones they like, shuffle items in the shopping cart, use a secure payment gateway and keep a track of the order.

5. Not getting referrals

Are you dealing with the same set of clients from more than 6 months?  Your mistake is you’re not interacting with customers or spreading the word in the community to get some referrals. You need to do some manual work here. Send emails in your circle and request them to refer your business. You can do the same with indirect marketing on social media. Another good way to get referrals is to offer some discount to your customers when they refer a friend. This way your business will get some attention and credibility also.

6. Not being able to protect my computer data

You might think, duh! ... I don’t do this! But the fact is at times we save important information about our business like account figures, customer database and product lists on the computer but do not backup the files. You never know when bad luck strikes and you lose precious data. Always store your data in more than one place and protect it from anti-virus.

If you do not commit these 6 common mistakes, you can become digital-ready in the market and stay ahead in building a concrete online presence. If you will feel that you are digital ready, take the assessment test and know your digital readiness. Join us at the Seattle Digital-Ready Summit and know more about the ways and technicalities of how to make sure your business is digital-ready and understand it can help your business.

 Introducing 6DOT Digital Analyzer

The 6Dot Digital Analyzer is a holistic approach to assessing digital readiness for your business. Digital readiness means that you and your business have the ability to:

  • Attract new customers

  • Generate new revenue

  • Remove business process inefficiencies

  • Protect business and customers

 6DOT digital analyzer was designed to help businesses to achieve the following goals:

  • To easily understand digital state of your business

  • To quickly identify priorities to become digital-ready

  • To strategically invest time and resources

  • To effectively grow your business and reach new customers

  • To effortlessly build additional income stream

The 6DOT digital analyzer is architected to provide you with personalized and actionable takeaways in the key business areas of technology, e-commerce, and marketing.

The digital-ready scorecard you receive will help you build your plan to make your business

ready to attract new customers and revenue online.

 Start your free assessment today! 

Attend the Seattle Digital Ready Summit on May6th to develop a personalized game plan for your business. http://bit.ly/1ztQip7



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This product is offered by

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