Boost Your Holiday Sales – Download your Small Business Holiday Campaign Kit


By: Meylah Blog

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Boost Your Holiday Sales – Download your Small Business Holiday Campaign Kit


By: Meylah Blog

Boost Your Holiday Sales – Download your Small Business Holiday Campaign Kit #smb #snapretail #handmadeology #shoplocal #localeconomy


'Tis the season of merriment and celebration.  The 2013 holiday season is fast approaching and now is the time for all of us to get ready as small business owners!

Did You Know:  Consumers are going to spend about 7% more this holiday season than last year?  That is $600 Billion in just two months!

Did You Know: Consumers are going to spend over 10% more this holiday season ONLINE than last year?

Most of the small businesses who have been unsuccessful in cashing in on consumer spending is because of lack of preparation.  This year Meylah is here to help and support you in leveraging social media, e-mail marketing and score on ecommerce.

We have built several partnerships with key strategic partners to pull together all the resources that will enable you to shine during this holiday season.  We have built partnerships with organizations like Handmadeology, Fanpageology, SnapRetail, SmallBizTrends, Neighborhood Notes, Bellevue Chamber, AMIBA, Meeting Burner, Microsoft and Sightlife to provide you with resources, tools and exposure during this holiday season.

We have created an 11 week Holiday Campaign Strategy along with all the necessary content, steps and tutorials so that you can execute your holiday campaign with ease and make this your best holiday sales season yet!

All images provided courtesy of SnapRetail. Learn how SnapRetail can help you grow your sales 365 days/year.

Meylah will amplify your efforts with our own campaigns and promote your business and products.  Our goal is to infuse $500K - $1M into the local economy via our small business members and we feel that we are very conservative with our estimates.

Meylah will also donate 10% of all the transaction fees from the holiday season to our community partner Sightlife (non-profit) whose mission is to eliminate corneal blindness.

We need your support and help as well.  We would like you to do the following:

  • View recording – Learn How To Boost Your Holiday Sales

  • Download (at the top of the image)  your FREE 11 week marketing campaign kit and boost your holiday sales. All images provided courtesy of SnapRetail. Learn how SnapRetail can help you grow your sales 365 days/year. 

  • Become a local Ambassador and support your local economy

  • Share your products and services on Meylah’s Facebook page every week so we can broadcast it to the world

  • Actively participate in Meylah’s holiday campaign event and give us timely feedback.

  • Use hashtags #shoplocal & #meylah.


More resources:


Early Feedback from our community!!

I've already created my campaign for the November 4th week! Great kit, prompts you to be creative and think out of the box while doing the right thing for your business. - Evelyn


I think it's great! I've already used the save the date graphic to make a new header for my FB page. Love the email blast suggestions and timelines, everything about this kit is going to make my holiday campaign so much better, thank you! - Carla


New to Meylah? No problem! Open your Meylah store NOW and share your products with your customers this holiday season. It takes minutes to share your first product/service. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to


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This product is offered by

Meylah Blog

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