Paid Time Off (PTO) Manager



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Paid Time Off (PTO) Manager



Manage Paid-Time-Off (PTO) for your employees using this Excel template. Calculate Employees’ PTO balances & manage their vacation days.


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Microsoft Excel for Windows (2010 or later);
Microsoft Excel for Mac (2011 or later);


Manage Paid Time off (PTO) for multiple employees in your organization/company, in one file
Two types of paid time off can be managed. Example: Vacation and Sick days
Automatically calculates PTO balances for today and any future date
PTO calendar to view leave/time-off across employees and plan monthly availability
Automated Employee PTO report that is print-ready or can be exported to PDF
Several options available to cover most common business PTO policy scenarios

Get organized with employees’ PTO data
Save time by using template designed with simplicity & effectiveness in mind
Leverage the automated reports and calendar
Save money versus costly specialist software
All within our familiar Microsoft Excel. Easy to extend and customize.



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Store Policies


All the files sold are digital files and can be downloaded immediately upon completion of the purchase. If there are any issues, please email at



These files are regular Excel workbooks that need Microsoft Excel installed in your computer for use. The specific versions of Excel that are compatible are listed in each product's page.


Purchase of a Premium Excel Template from Indzara gives rights for one active user to use the file(s).

As an owner of this license

  • You can make copies for your own use.
  • You can export sheets as PDF & share PDF with others
  • You can use the files in multiple computers of yours
  • You can edit the files as needed (password provided for locked sheets)
  • You can transfer the license to someone provided that person is the only user moving forward.


  • The template (.xlsx) files should not be shared with others
  • Copies should not be made by anyone other than license owner
  • You cannot sell the file commercially

Liability or Dinesh Natarajan Mohan will not be liable for any damages due to any business decisions taken based on the templates. More than a hundred hours are spent on average for each of the templates posted here. It takes a lot of effort designing, developing, testing, documenting and publishing them. Maximum effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the templates. If there is any significant bug, please contact me and I will issue a full refund.



If you are not satisfied with the product, please email me at and I will issue a refund. 

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This product is offered by


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