Working with Sales Reps


By: Selling to Retailers

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Working with Sales Reps


By: Selling to Retailers

A Simple eGuide to Finding and Managing Sales Reps


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Are Sales Reps in Your Future?

Discover the Eleven EASIEST Methods to FIND (plus how to recruit & manage)  Independent Sales Reps QUICKLY, in ANY industry!

Here are some of the other informational topics and features of this eGuide:

**What do “sales reps” offer to a producer (like you)?

**What are “rep groups” and “gift marts” and why you should care!

**In-house or “company” vs. “independent” sales reps!

**The nine main ways to find sales reps (and which ONE is absolutely the best)!

**Ten questions to ask EVERY sales rep BEFORE you sign on the dotted line!

**Four personality types of sales reps – a bit humorous! (And which ones to avoid…)

**12 key components of a sales rep agreement!**Who supplies and/or pays for sales flyers and samples to reps and buyers?

**Developing a good policy on “free samples”!

**What are standard rep commission rates in your industry?

**Terms for canceling a rep agreement!

**Do you pay commissions based on sales or paid invoices?

**What is a typical rep payment schedule?

**How to handle commissions on un-collectable accounts!

**11 big tips on managing reps, from my personal experience!

**Bonus: How to work with DISTRIBUTORS! 


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This product is offered by

Selling to Retailers

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